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TEJU AJANI – Managing Director, Apple Nigeria

Teju is a seasoned global Business leader with over 20 years of technology leadership delivered to Fortune 100 technology companies across North America, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

TEJU AJANI - Managing Director, Apple Nigeria - African Leaders Magazine

A personable, consensus-building leader with extensive relationships and trust established across organisations with a strong bias for action, she has extensive expertise in technology and innovation, strategic planning, partnership building and business development, media content strategy and customer marketing.

She has demonstrated ability with business responsive strategies and measurable results with the ability to build trust, collaborate and influence cross-functionally within organizations up to Board level.

Ajani has been recognized severally as a technology and technical sales leader, media and content expert, and as one of the most influential women by various organizations.

She is a strong advocate for women in leadership. She is passionate about technology and its potential as an economic equalizer and ability to open up opportunities for people.

Teju is a frequently featured speaker across technology and media circles.

Teju has always been interested in computers and loved to learn about them. While she focused on Economics as an undergrad, she had taken a few coding classes and was fascinated. She went back to school for an advanced degree and while she was admitted into a traditional MBA program, she got into a school that allowed her to switch, clearly delineated the additional work she would need to do, and supported her when she decided to switch to a Masters in Software Engineering instead. “The one thing I have learnt is that one never stops learning.” She said.

TEJU AJANI - Managing Director, Apple Nigeria - African Leaders Magazine

For her, the ability to operate comfortably as a business and technical person made her stand out and gave her flexibility in her career that she has interestingly found to be an advantage.

She has been able to switch between purely technical and business roles that give an unusual breadth and depth and have a perspective on business that most business leaders don’t have or take much longer to develop.

Teju has had roles in developer relations, product management, marketing, account management and with executive oversight that she has been able to leverage wherever she has worked, and more importantly, kept her career interesting for her.

To the women in technology, she advises that you hone your skills, ask for the opportunities you want, put yourself forward for opportunities you think you qualify for even if minimally.

Also, she admonishes them to know their strengths, and be willing to learn, get comfortable being a minority in the room, and get on with the job because it can serve to highlight your skills, and you bring a unique perspective.

In an empowering bold move towards inclusion and diversity, the former country manager for Android Partnerships at Google was appointed as the managing director for Apple in Nigeria.

Ajani who was Google’s Nigeria head for Android, since April 2018, prior to her new role was the principal product manager at Oracle and business development manager at Google for Nigeria.

She also served as the YouTube head of content partnerships for Sub Saharan Africa between January 2014 and April 2018.

TEJU AJANI - Managing Director, Apple Nigeria - African Leaders Magazine

As Head of YouTube content partnerships for Sub Saharan Africa, the 48-year-old has led the strong growth in content acquisition, development and support for the creator ecosystem across the region.

According to Ajani, a seasoned global Business leader with 20+ years of technology leadership, her years of experience will guide her in contributing to the organization and impacting positively in Africa.

“The great thing about experience is that you get to take it with you wherever you go. Along the way, you get to know your (corporate) self and if lucky, figure out who you want to be “when you grow up”. Successes, failures, lessons learned, all go with you from place to place where you get to reflect, add and refine them,” she wrote.

“I’m excited to be starting a new role with an amazing company and brand, Apple, in Nigeria and bringing all that to bear. Having intentionally sought a role in Africa and worked specifically on the continent for the past decade, the pace of growth and possibilities are still exciting and make it a dynamic place to figure out how to bring another global brand to bear.

TEJU AJANI - Managing Director, Apple Nigeria - African Leaders Magazine

“Africa does have its challenges right alongside all the opportunities. It is a place that can reward long term vision versus short term focus. Technology is very much an enabler, just like it most of the rest of the world. However, the impact on Africa is, and can continue to be exponential.

“Being part of that enabling force is extremely rewarding and something I am excited to continue in a new capacity and bring all that experience to bear upon. Here’s to work adventures.” she said.

Ajani’s appointment marked Apple’s first Africa top-executive employment.

TEJU AJANI - Managing Director, Apple Nigeria - African Leaders Magazine

Teju Ajani has accumulated a wealth of experience having worked in with major companies in technology, strategy and marketing in North America, Europe and Africa.

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