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Elagrody is a  distinguished professional in the field of environmental engineering who   has  strong commitment to research, education, and practical solutions for solid waste management and environmental sustainability.

She pursued her Ph.D. studies at Ryerson University, where she conducted research on the settlement of bioreactor landfills. This research was groundbreaking in its approach to reducing methane emissions and preventing wastewater leaching from landfills into the water supply in Cairo.

Elagroudy became interested in solid waste during college when she got involved with a group that was looking to start a campus recycling program. They successfully implemented a program that diverted tons of recyclable materials from landfills to be reused. She felt great satisfaction to be able to have a tangible impact on Egypt’s economy and environment.

Sherien’s work in modeling and developing novel landfill technologies to mitigate environmental impacts has been instrumental. She built a field-scale prototype of her bioreactor landfill concept, which showcased its practical feasibility.

Over her career, she  has dedicated more than 16 years to research and practical projects in solid waste management and  has also been actively involved in mentoring post-graduate students and junior engineers, contributing to the education and development of future leaders in the field.

Additionally,  Sherien has applied her expertise as a solid waste expert at Chemonics Egypt where she has led teams in formulating solid waste management strategies for multiple countries, demonstrating her commitment to implementing real-world solutions.

Sherien Elagroudy’s contributions to environmental engineering have earned her several prestigious awards and recognitions, including the Next Einstein Forum Fellow in 2016, the L’Oréal UNESCO Fellowship for Women in Science in 2013, and recognition as a young scientist at the World Economic Forum in China in 2013 and  also a fellow of the Global Young Academy and a steering committee member of the Egypt Young Academy of Science.

Sherien is actively engaged in several research grants, totaling over $3.5 million. These grants support her ongoing work in solid waste management, biochemical waste treatment technologies, and waste-to-energy solutions, furthering her impact on environmental sustainability.

Her work has not only contributed to the academic knowledge in the field but has also made a significant impact on addressing environmental challenges in real-world settings.



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