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Proscovia Alengot Oromait is a Ugandan politician who gained widespread recognition for becoming the youngest member of parliament in Uganda and Africa at the age of 19. Her historic election took place in 2011 when she won the Usuk County parliamentary seat in Katakwi District, representing the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

Her election drew considerable attention both nationally and internationally, as her age and background made her a symbol of youth engagement and empowerment in politics. Proscovia Alengot Oromait’s entry into politics at such a young age inspired many young Ugandans to get involved in the political process and advocate for their concerns.

After the unfortunate death of her father,  she decided to contest the National Resistance Movement primary elections to replace her father, Michael Oromait who had served as an independent just one year out a five-year term before his death. She won the primary and general elections in September 2012 with 54.2% of the votes beating eight other candidates and earning more than double the votes of the nearest runner-up.

Proscovia Alengot Oromait’s commitment to issues such as education, health policy, gender issues, and the environment reflects her desire to make a positive impact on her community and the country as a whole. These are critical areas in Uganda and many other countries, and having young leaders like her who are dedicated to addressing these challenges can be instrumental in driving positive change.

According to the young politician ,her father’s influence and encouragement played a significant role in her decision to pursue a career in politics, and it’s clear that her communication skills, education, and passion for important issues contributed to her success. Winning her parliamentary seat under the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and becoming an MP while awaiting university enrollment is a testament to her early dedication to public service.

Alengot is highly criticised  for her leadership qualities, tact and zeal however being  mentored by several women including Jessica Alupo, Uganda’s current vice-president since 2021, it is evident  where she got her drive, resilience and zeal from.

Proscovia Alengot Oromait’s journey is a remarkable story of determination and achievement, earning her the recognition  from Forbes as one of the Top 20 Young Power Women in Africa in 2013 .It will be interesting to see how her career continues to evolve in the years to come.

Becoming  the youngest member of parliament in Uganda and Africa serves as an inspiring example of youth engagement and leadership in politics and against all odds  the young leader is optimistic of becoming Uganda’s president someday.


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