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NOSY IRANJA, Madagascar – A Dream Getaway

Nosy Iranja is one of the most well-known island of Nosy Be’s archipelage and amazes every visitor who experience its wide stretches of white sand. The place is of unique beauty and offers many activities.

NOSY IRANJA, Madagascar - A Dream Getaway - African Leaders Magazine

A touch of sand in the middle of the sea

Nosy Iranja is made of two smaller islets: Nosy Iranja Be and Nosy Iranja Kely. Those thosse bits of land are connected by a thin 2 km long stretch of sand. At low tide, you will take fully advantage of the place, but watch out for the rising tide! You will be delighted by the landscapes’ beauty, turquoise blue water surrounding the lagoon which reflects the sunlight and make the sea sparkle. This peaceful place will delight those seeking relaxation and a change of scenery. They will also have the chance to enjoy any aquatic and land activities they want!

NOSY IRANJA, Madagascar - A Dream Getaway - African Leaders Magazine

The turtles island

You will be amazed by the great biodiversity on the island where you will discover a luxuriant tropical forest as well as an exceptional marine and land fauna and flora. Therefore, you will be able to see many sea turtles who lay their eggs when the night comes. With a bit of luck, you will witness the birth of some of them…

The second island is private. It is only accessible at low tide and it shelters the only hotel, where you will be able to spend a night or two or simply have a drink. If you are lucky, the island’s staff will show you the back of the island which is a breeding place for marine turtles.

NOSY IRANJA, Madagascar - A Dream Getaway - African Leaders Magazine

Activities the island has to offer

Due to the island’s geographical location, Nosy Iranja offers a wide range of amazing activities to do with friends or family. Other than idleness by the beach, you can go on a dhow cruise, try on windsurfing, snorkeling, jetski rides or simply take a walk within the land. Staying in Nosy Iranja will also be the perfect occasion to go scuba diving into the lagoon’s fish-populated waters. You will find a lot of exotic fishes there, as well as stingrays and sea turtles.



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