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NANCY MATIMU – Managing Director, MultiChoice Kenya

Subscribers of DSTV in Nigeria and other parts of Africa would know of Multichoice. The company is a South African video entertainment company that provides access to entertaining content through its satellite service.

Through DSTV, Multichoice Africa brings entertainment content to its subscribers through channels like Showmax, Supersport and M-NET. As its name suggests, it operates beyond Nigeria and South Africa alone, and has branches in other parts of Africa.

NANCY MATIMU – Managing Director, MultiChoice Kenya - African Leaders Magazine

One of the other countries it operates in is Kenya, where it recently appointed a lady as the Managing Director for its operations in that country. Nancy Matimu was a quality choice because of the years of experience she has had, especially working in related top-level fields.

For the first 10 years of her working experience, she served as Systems Operator in a number of companies which included ICN Toshiba, Insight Technologies, SPS, Telerosa and ECL among others.

Nancy Matimu was part of the team that formulated and implemented strategies that helped those companies expand into other parts of Africa. She marketed and sold entire End-to-End portfolios of the companies and was a B2B (business to business) applications trainer before she moved to iWayAfrica in 2003.

NANCY MATIMU – Managing Director, MultiChoice Kenya - African Leaders Magazine

When she joined iWayAfrica, the broadband company only existed in less than 10 markets. She was therefore part of the team that established and expanded the satellite broadband to 32 African markets.

Some of the roles Nancy was responsible for at iWayAfrica were Research and Business Analysis, Marketing and Communications, among others.

She joined Safaricom in 2008 and held several senior roles in the company. With her team, she grew revenue to more than 4 times, and increased the customer engagement and customer delight index by more than double.

At Safaricom, she worked as Business Service Manager, becoming a senior executive and heading departments in the company before leaving for new adventures.

She later joined Airtel Africa in 2011 as General Manager.

At Airtel, Nancy Matimu achieved several astounding results including growing Airtel revenue in the non-voice (Mobile data & VAS) sector to more than twice what it was before. The revenue, previously around $230m, grew to more than $570m.

NANCY MATIMU – Managing Director, MultiChoice Kenya - African Leaders Magazine

With all the experiences under her belt, in 2017, Nancy founded and became the Managing Partner of Serrari Group. She worked in the Business Development and Advisory team for the Digital Transformation Sector.

She joined HF Group as the Chief Digital Officer in 2018, where she increased customer acquisition and product penetration of the company.

In her time with the company, she and her team launched a product that offered digital banking services among others. The product broke even and started making profits by its sixth month in operation.

Nancy was Vice President at Mastercard. She then worked with Mastercard as vice-president in 2019. She led market development in sub-saharan Africa and increased the percentage of customer, revenue and shares that the company had in the region.

She was also responsible for driving relevant partnerships with stakeholders in the corporate, financial services, telecommunications and fintech space.

NANCY MATIMU – Managing Director, MultiChoice Kenya - African Leaders Magazine

Nancy Matimu is a board member of the KCA University in Nigeria where she is a part of the Business Development and Strategy team.

But presently she occupies the role of Managing Director with Multichoice Kenya. Her track record of achieving results and driving relevant partnerships, as well as working with teams to drive growth and increase shares will be startegic to the subsequent growth of Multichoice in Kenya and outside of it.



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