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Stylish, with a communicative smile and enthusiasm, Nabou Fall is a woman with a full, dynamic and inspiring life. Mother, business manager, personal development coach, international speaker, author, philanthropist, the Senegalese woman inspires through her poise, her oratory talent and her commitment to improving the condition of African women.

Nabou Fall spent her childhood between Dakar, Paris and Abidjan after losing her father at the age of four. While a child, she was very sick and underwent several surgeries until her tens. Her fragile health forced her mother to fly to France where she completed all her studies later on. She obtained a diploma in computer engineering, option systems and communication networks from the Higher school of computer engineering in Paris and a master’s degree in finance and business organization from the Higher Institute of business (ISG) in Paris.

She began her career in the telecommunications field. The Senegalese from fulani and nomadic origin did not hesitate to travel across Africa for her career. She settled in Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ivory Coast …. where she held several decision-making positions, including marketing and sales director, deputy general manager and general manager in several telecommunications companies for almost fifteen years.

At the same time, she embarked on entrepreneurship and created companies and stores in several African countries. In 2007, while in Congo, she launched Vizeo, an agency that supports large companies in their communication and public relations strategies in Africa. Her customers are among the largest companies and multinationals established in Africa.

NABOU FALL – CEO of Agence VIZEO - African Leaders Magazine

Coach, activist for the rights of women, autistic people

Following her experiences in entrepreneurship, communication, marketing, she decided to share her knowledge and embarked on coaching and teaching. She regularly conducts various training sessions and supports women, men, young people and business leaders on several themes such as personal branding, entrepreneurship, self-confidence … In Mali, she teaches entrepreneurship and marketing. She is also involved in women’s issues, through « Wimnet », an  association that she founded and which campaigns for the representation of women in management positions in companies.

She also advocates for autistic people. As a mother of twins, one of whom is autistic, she decided to get involved in the care of people with autism. “I have an autistic son. I live it every day. I know what the parents’ struggles are. No one can tell that my son has autism. It was I who went to school and said that there is a problem, that I feel he is different, “she said on the” Fulani elites “program. Having been able to take care of her son, she now campaigns for the support of disadvantaged autistic people and the demystification of this mental disorder in Africa.

A committed writer to the feminine cause

Nabou Fall is a business owner, an executive coach, an activist for women’s rights, but also a writer. Since her youth, she has been passionate about writing. A means that helped her face loneliness, doubts and fears. “Writing was my secret garden, my best friend, my confidant,”she tells Ayanawebzine.

Although she has written articles in the press since she was 20 years old, she was reluctant to publish the novels she wrote 20 years ago because of fear. “I was afraid of people looking at what I write. I was afraid people would judge me by my writing. I was afraid that people would perceive what I really am through writing … I was not ready to face their judgment and their opinion, “she told

In December 2017, she finally published her novel, the third she wrote, “Virtual Escape”, in which she celebrates African women.

Lioness Weekender spoke to Nabou Fall about her impact driven entrepreneurial journey, and her advice for other women entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve success in their businesses.

NABOU FALL – CEO of Agence VIZEO - African Leaders Magazine

What does your company do?

Vizeo is an advertising and public relations company. We do a lot of personal branding training and coaching for people.


What inspired you to start your company?

When I started the company in 2007 there were not really advertising companies in DRC, and only about two companies in public relations.


Why should anyone use your service or product?

First of all, I have a network and I can work in most African countries from the north to the south because I have a network of collaboration and other agencies. We have a unique approach and a big, strong network of agencies and relationships that really help us in order to implement our customers’ strategies.


Tell us a little about your team

From 30 to 40 years old, my team is young and made of different people from different countries – and we all work for the satisfaction of our customers.


Share a little about your entrepreneurial journey. And do you come from an entrepreneurial background?

After working for the telecom industry for over 10 years, I wanted to explore other avenues, and this is how I started being an entrepreneur. At the beginning it was not easy because actually, I was used to big companies with an allocation budget. Then I realized that as an entrepreneur the challenge was to find the budget, make money, and find the financial means to develop the business. It was very interesting and challenging while thinking of getting customers or courage to pursue it.


What are your future plans and aspirations for your company?

My next step is to launch an online platform in order to make my training and coaching more available to people in Africa – now in Francophone regions and Anglophone regions later. I really want to serve more people around the continent to impact the narrative of Africa positively with the personal branding; work more in personal branding models development and coaching, then adapt to different target markets. I believe that we African women are not used to being in the spotlight, but it is important now to be visible and known in the culture and in society.

For my company, my aspirations are to keep on being proud of the people who rewrite and impact positively the narrative of the African woman. I want to make sure I take African’s women from one point to another in order that they show up from what they are, and have to show another face (positive, creative, entrepreneurial) of the continent.

NABOU FALL – CEO of Agence VIZEO - African Leaders Magazine

What gives you the most satisfaction being an entrepreneur?

For me the most satisfaction being an entrepreneur is being able to manage my time, impact, transform lives, inspire, influence positively all the people, create value, empower people, and to be part of the solution. An entrepreneur is a solution-oriented person and anything we do is a step toward building a sustainable Africa, a solution-oriented continent.


What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to other women looking to start-up?

To other women looking to start-up, no matter what you want to do, you have to get an idea, courage, and also first of all, it is about doing, acting, and making it happen. To make it happen you just have to get up and act, it will not be easy, but never give up, move forward. If you see that where you are going there is no exit, go around and create another path for yourself. Entrepreneurship has several faces, it is multi-faceted, there is not one type of entrepreneurship. It is not about being seated in the office making millions of dollars. Don’t be stopped because you don’t have the means. Obviously, you have to build from scratch and along the way you will meet the right people to help you. You will build enough credibility to ask for money from investors. At the end, anything that you will succeed in, even a small victory matters. Just learn to celebrate your little accomplishments or small victories.

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