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MAURITIUS, East Africa – One of Africa’s Exciting Holiday Hotspots

MAURITIUS, East Africa – One of Africa’s Exciting Holiday Hotspots - African Leaders Magazine

December is now one of Mauritius’ two busiest months, when the hotel rates and flights are growing sharply, particularly during the Christmas and New Year holidays. In December, Mauritius is a pearl of the Indian Ocean, similar to Madagascar Island. For beach lovers and couples arranging their honeymoon vacation, it is a heaven on earth. As it has a warm climate you can visit Mauritius all year round.

But anytime between May and December is the most popular time to visit Mauritius, as winter begins from the month of May. Mauritius is increasingly gaining prominence among visitors each year with too many natural and human tourist attractions to see. It enjoys humid, warm weather and because of its tropical climate, the weather remains the same throughout the year. So, read to know more on what Mauritius in December is before you start planning your vacation! I’m sure that you are already excited about crafting your itinerary!

MAURITIUS, East Africa – One of Africa’s Exciting Holiday Hotspots - African Leaders Magazine

Weather in December

Mauritius in December is going to have an amazing weather for a vacation! By October the temperature will begin to warm, and the evenings and nights will be very cold. The island has a winter temperature of about 24-degree Celsius and the temperature falls to 18 degree Celsius. Nevertheless, by December the temperature in the day is warm and the temperature at night starts to get higher. The sun rises as early as 5:30 AM and finishes at 7 PM. You can anticipate long daylight hours. In December, the weather in Mauritius is mostly sunny and dry, but do not be surprised if you experience a few light showers. Also, in other parts of Mauritius, this is much more usual at the end of the month. In Mauritius December is summertime, as is the case for other islands in the Indian Ocean.

Things to do in December in Mauritius

Mauritius invites tourists from around the world between November and January. This year is especially cheerful and enjoyable since this is the start of school and festivities. On this little island, there’s more than that. It is the best venue for adrenaline rushing and for outdoor enjoyment. See the best things to do in December in Mauritius.

Mauritians embraced the summer sun to carry tremendous pomp to splendour to a new year in the Gregorian calendar. Around midnight many people head to public areas to watch the fireworks, such as the beaches. One may take a boat on the sea with a breathtaking view of the coast during the new year. You can enjoy parties, that include cocktails, dance and dinner, generally popular among tourists. People dress at best in the expectation that the next year will be outstanding.

Go For Watersports

December is an ideal time for your break in Mauritius to uncover your adventurous soul. The warm temperature is great for deep-sea diving, scuba diving and snorkelling at this time of year. Already excited about some watersports in Mauritius in December?

Deep-Sea diving – You’ll find a lot of people doing deep water diving in Mauritius as you visit Trou d’eau Douce and Port Louis. This is a unique and enjoyable experience that brings you closer to life underwater and witnesses marine creatures.

Cave Sea Kayaking – In the coast of Mauritius you can see a wide array of cellars and natural sources for discovery. For most tourists, a cave sea kayaking is the best activity as you can go with your loved ones and do the activity together. Also, this is one of the most popular on the West Coast.

Snorkelling – The Aquatic Life draws a lot of snorkellers every year as Mauritius is surrounded by coral reefs. Flic en Flac Beach, Ile aux Cerfs and Blue Bay Marine Park are three of the closest spots.

Skydiving – Skydiving, particularly during December in Mauritius is the most common adventure sports. Mauritius’ Skydive Austral gives visitors on this Island the finest skydiving plans. Spring from a height of 12,000 metres above ground, fly a parachute and witness a rare thrill.

MAURITIUS, East Africa – One of Africa’s Exciting Holiday Hotspots - African Leaders Magazine

Try Out The Local Cuisine

During summer, you can try the unique flavours of ice cream, a special delicacy in Mauritius. It is made from strawberry or almond, cocoa syrup and almond origin, and waffle cone. This ice creams are cost-effective and typically handmade. Summer also brings tasty fruits to Mauritius-lychees, mangoes and longans. Here in summer, pickled fruit is also popular where hawks sell mangoes or ananas picked in chilli pulp. In the warm weather, icecreams are definitely going to make your day in Mauritius in December!

Celebrate Christmas

Get ready to celebrate Christmas in Mauritius in December! Mauritians celebrate Christmas every year in a vibrant summer setting with a culturally rich community celebrating festivity. Some tourists enjoy the spirit of Christmas in the midst of Maurice’s streets and evening life, while others prefer a regular Christmas dinner in their houses. As in many other countries, people adorn Christmas trees and lights for their homes and share donations for their loved ones. By spending quality time on gorgeous Mauritius beaches, visitors will enjoy a special Christmas time. During this time of year, many hotels and travel businesses sell Christmas packages.

MAURITIUS, East Africa – One of Africa’s Exciting Holiday Hotspots - African Leaders Magazine

What To Pack On Your Vacation?

Get ready for multiple weather conditions in a single day as you load up for your journey. Take light and comfortable clothing for warm weather with you. Because of the wet, sultry weather, all synthetic goods must be deposited in the harbour. The strongest package would be lightweight clothing, tops, denim tops, skirts and half hand sleeve t-shirts. It is advised that you also take care of your skin’s needs with around 12-13 hours of sun. Have a little storage for a tiny umbrella or light raincoat to shield you from flooding at the end of the month. Don’t forget to bring an extra set of clothes with you as you might need them during watersports.

Finding this guide helpful? Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to this beautiful island. Mauritius in December is going to be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences. We at Pickyourtrail make sure our best travel experience is put into crafting your Mauritius itinerary with lots of excitement. Check out some of the best Mauritius tour packages.



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