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One’s passion can unavoidably become an  addiction towards any significant endeavor and that is the story of a 28year old   South African entrepreneur,  Ludwick Marishane . He finds so much fulfillment in teaching  and mentoring other people to identify and reach their true and full potential.

When one of his school friends was too lazy to take a bath, it gave Ludwick an idea: what if there was a way to stay clean and hygienic without taking a bath or a shower? .

Growing up in the rural part of Limpopo, Ludwick understood well that many Africans lacked clean water and a clean bath was a rare luxury . An area where poverty was inevitable and  an environment that inhibits growth and success did not prevent him from developing an entrepreneurial mindset leading him to pursue business which gave birth to the dry bath  invention at the age of 17,  that is bound to change the lives of many people all over the world. As it is a reliable replacement for water, soap, and lotion and after application, users do not need to take a bath as it a  substitute.

Luke - founder of dry bath pictured in an empty bath tub

The aim of Ludwick Marishane dry baths South Africa invention is to provide better hygiene to at least two billion people that have inadequate water access, including those that still use bucket-bathing method. It is also formulated to provide a reliable hygiene alternative to households that would prefer to use less water.

In the year 2009 , he had his big break as he received financial aid to support his DryBath business idea hence becoming SA’s youngest patent filer.

Ludwick has sold thousands of units of Dry Bath in the US/UK – totaling $250,000 in gross sales, and currently has his eyes set on capturing the African market. Today his business has expanded to now include consulting services.

For this young man, his  greatest lesson he has learned is that everyone is learning. There is not a single person that knows everything and older each one of us gets, the more we realize how much we do not know. Every person is figuring it out, from the richest person to the poorest, and this is what makes life interesting.


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