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LAWRENCE ADJEI – The 26-Year-old Ghanaian who Builds Electric Bikes Powered with Dead Laptop Batteries in His Garage

Lawrence Adjei is a Ghanaian professional cyclist who builds electric bikes powered with recycled dead laptop batteries. His bikes have unique features that include rechargeable batteries, a regenerative braking system, a reverse, a battery meter, phone charger, among others.

The batteries for the 26-year-old’s innovation, which is a 72volt with 37 amps per hour, can be revived with electricity

Lawrence Adjei on his Laptop Battery Powered Bike

At his garage in his home, is where this young professional cyclist Lawrence Adjei built customized electric bikes propelled with recycled dead laptop batteries from scratch. Apart from the fork, headset, key, and a few body parts, the Ghanaian innovator built by himself the frame, wheels, and custom-built external battery that helps to run the bikes himself.

Even though he has no expertise in welding, Adjei assembled and merged the other components with a machine to complete his bikes. He then goes ahead to spray the electric bikes to give a bright and colorful touch to the machines.

In an interview on “Was Here Some” with Nänä Teä, seen on YouTube, Adjei demonstrated how he built the batteries using recycled dead laptop batteries. He added that he would tests the batteries with a machine before powering the bikes with them.

Lawrence Adjei on his innovative laptop battery powered bicycle

Explaining the battery capacity that helps to propel the bikes, he said: ”This battery here is a 72volt battery with 37 amps an hour, which is around 2.7, 2.8 watts,” adding that it will take three hours to get the batteries fully charged and can sustain the bike up to 120 km range.

Apart from the rechargeable batteries, other features of the electric bike include a regenerative braking system (RBSs), a reverse, three ‘speech’ switches, a battery meter, and is fully Bluetooth programmable, among others. Adjei said he’s working on fixing ports on the bike to enable users to charge phones for their use.


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