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GABORONE, Botswana – A Hidden Gem in Southern Africa

GABORONE, Botswana – A Hidden Gem in Southern Africa - AFrican Leaders Magazine

Gaborone is a buzzing and growing city, after Kgosi Gaborone, leader of the Batlokwa people, who migrated from their ancestral homelands in the Magaliesberg Mountains and settled in the Tlokweng area in 1881. Gaborone literally means ‘it does not fit badly’ or ‘it is not unbecoming’.

Gaborone’s tolerant mindset derives from gathering the many different cultures and thousands-strong individual minds. The capital city boasts a range of hotels and a choice of cinemas and casinos. Restaurants are numerous and varied, and nightclubs and venues often host live music by local and regional artists. The National Museum is situated near the old town’s centre, housing essential collections of traditional crafts and southern African fine art.

Gaborone is no different from any other city, with the western trappings of urban life. Still, as soon as you leave the city and its main roads, you walk into another world. The silence takes your breath away as you enter rural Africa within minutes.

GABORONE, Botswana – A Hidden Gem in Southern Africa - AFrican Leaders Magazine

Three Chiefs Monument

Crossing the railway tracks into a recently developed Central Business District, the Three Chiefs’ Monument is an impressive statue that marks a significant turning point in Botswana’s history. In the late 1800s, Botswana territory was under threat from British industrialist Cecil Rhodes. He wished to take over Bechuanaland for his British South Africa Company. Three senior chiefs of the time – Chief Khama III of the Bangwato, Chief Sebele I of the Bakwena, and Chief Bathoen I of the Bangwaketse – travelled to London in 1885 to petition Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of State for the Colonies. Whilst there, they were also presented to Queen Victoria.

GABORONE, Botswana – A Hidden Gem in Southern Africa - AFrican Leaders Magazine

Gaining support from the British public, they petitioned the Queen for protection, which was granted. The Bechuanaland Protectorate was established in the same year, circumventing the territory’s potentially disastrous incorporation into the British South Africa Company, and forever altering the country’s history. The monument was sculpted and cast by North Korean artisans, using a photograph of the three chiefs. It was unveiled on the occasion of the country’s 39th anniversary of independence in 2005. Visitors to the monument receive a guided tour from a local historian.

Original Botswanan food

Capital city of Botswana is a perfect destination for African gourmets. There are dozens of foods on offer to taste the best Botswanan specialties, discover typical restaurants and sip some local drinks, but also global cuisine. When on holiday in Gaborone, take your time and have fun, because you are in one of the best food destinations in Africa.

Botswana Craft

This is the best place in Gaborone for local and African crafts products, most often sold by local producers. The Botswana Craft is a market with art shop, courtyard restaurant and conference and public event spaces. What makes it unique?

GABORONE, Botswana – A Hidden Gem in Southern Africa - AFrican Leaders Magazine

The Botswana craft market give a unique touch to all the famous craft products of Botswana, but also live music and other public events.

Mokolodi Nature Reserve

Mokolodi Nature Reserve is an amazing, captivating and mesmerizing game reserve, an ideal romantic destination for safari-goer couples. For lovers and couples looking romantic things to do in Gaborone, this nature reserve is a must see.

GABORONE, Botswana – A Hidden Gem in Southern Africa - AFrican Leaders Magazine

Game drive here offer visitors opportunity to spot of African wildlife including giraffe, impala, hippo, zebra, nile crocodile, leopard, and birdlife.

Gaborone Dam

The idyllic Gaborone Dam on the Notwane River is a top waterfront experience in the Botswana capital of Gaborone. Gaborone Dam is a popular spot for walking, picnics and admiring the nature, a stunning tranquil waterway to explore at your own pace. Here, you can just watch the sunset and enjoy a breeze with lovers and friends, there is Insta-worthy sunsets nearly almost every night.

GABORONE, Botswana – A Hidden Gem in Southern Africa - AFrican Leaders Magazine

Balaji Temple

The Balaji Temple is important part Gaborone’s landscape and a must-do cultural and spiritual experience for tourists to Botswana’s capital city. This Hindu temple in Gaborone, is an architectural marvel, with many religious rituals and festive activities on offer.

GABORONE, Botswana – A Hidden Gem in Southern Africa - AFrican Leaders Magazine

Beyond exploring the beautiful architecture, a visit to the Balaji is very calming, and a valuable life experience that you are sure to take something from.

Gaborone Game Reserve

Possibly one of the few national reserves to be situated inside a city, this relatively small (5 square km) but well-stocked park is home to several of Botswana’s indigenous species, including zebra, eland, gemsbok, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, impala, kudu, steenbok, vervet monkeys, warthog and rock dassies, as well as numerous resident and migrant bird species, best viewed from the small dam in the park. The terrain includes tree savanna, riparian woodland, marsh and rocky outcrops, making it a popular destination for day visits and picnics. There are animal and bird-watching-hides and a visitors’ centre, with educational tours available for school children and other visitors if pre-booked.

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