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FREHIWOT TAMRU – CEO, Ethio telecom

A results-driven, passionate, inspiring leader with an MBA from Open University, UK and a BSc in Information System served in the telecom sector for 17 years out of which 10 years of service were spent in leading the Nation’s biggest telecom company, Ethio telecom and 7 years in running her own IT business, DOXA IT Technology PLC. At the age of 26, demonstrating her leadership skills at an early age, she was made the Chief Information Officer of Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation.

FREHIWOT TAMRU - CEO, Ethio telecom - African Leaders Magazine

Frehiwot had previously worked in different capacities in the now defunct Ethiopia Telecommunications Corporation rising to the position of a deputy CEO. When she left her post with the ETC which later became Ethio Telecom, she set up her own Information Technology support and solutions outfit, DOXA IT Technology PLC.

She is leading a company with an estimated 22,200 workers. The company is one of the solely state-run businesses. The others include Ethiopia Airlines, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Ethio-Insurance. It is reputed as the continent’s largest mobile operator with an estimated 57 million subscribers beating MTN Nigeria according to IT Web report of November 2017.

FREHIWOT TAMRU - CEO, Ethio telecom - African Leaders Magazine

Ethio Telecom’s network capacity currently stands at 62 million mobile subscribers, 3 million fixed line users with a mobile service coverage of 85%. Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous nation behind Nigeria and the numbers are believed to have played a significant part.

FREHIWOT TAMRU - CEO, Ethio telecom - African Leaders Magazine

They also boast a vast fiber route that allows optical fiber network coverage as well as an International Gateway Capacity; 42 Gbps (including 3 Terrestrial Route through Djibouti, Sudan & Kenya and a satellite back up).

Ms. Frehiwot Tamru is a servant leader who is primarily concerned about the wellbeing of people and the community that she belongs to; she is indeed a selfless leader one can ever hope for!

FREHIWOT TAMRU - CEO, Ethio telecom - African Leaders Magazine

Given the dynamism of the telecom market, Ms. Frehiwot Tamru has shown her fearless business approaches with impeccable instincts.  She is always leading her employees, challenging and coaching them, seeking to get the best out of them. She is known for giving honest and candid feedbacks while still making friends in the sector.

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