Dr Rose Mwebaza has been appointed director of the United Nations Environment Program’s regional office for Africa after an intense and competitive selection process.

The Ugandan is currently the director of the United Nations Climate Technology Centre and Network.

For two decades, she has provided policy advice on a wide range of climate change, environment and sustainable development issues.

Mwebaza’s career previously spans way back at Makerere University, where she for 10 years served as lecturer and head of the Department for Commercial Law and deputy dean of the Makerere School of Law.

DR. ROSE MWEBAZA - Appointed Director of the UN Environment Program's Regional Office for Africa - Africans Leaders Magazine

She also previously served as chief natural resources officer at the African Development Bank and held leadership positions within the United Nations Development Programme.

Mwebaza was also previously designated as an advisor to the chairperson of the African Union, where she provided policy advice on development issues related to the African Union development agenda and UNDP’s development support to Africa.

A PhD holder in environment and natural resources governance, she is also a former Carl Duisberg research fellow at the World Conservation Union and a founding member of the Network for African Women Environmentalists.

Source: msn.com